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CEO, Klaus Schwenkenbecher

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Headquarters, 1. Floor, left

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The Crystal Photonics GmbH is a highly specified manufacturer of detector systems and miniaturised nuclear radiation detectors for medical- and industrial measuring technology, research, environmental protection and defence. We connect successful decades of experience in crystal processing with our competence of using nuclear radiation detectors in wide spreading application fields.

Our industrial sector produces a wide variety of miniaturized α-, β-, γ-, β+ and X-ray detectors, OEM detectors for synthesis modules for radiopharmaceuticals with a large selection on shape, energy and operating mode. Medical devices development and manufacturing, especially in the field of nuclear medicine, is one of our main key areas: Since 1997 we create gamma probe systems for radioguided surgery (like the Sentinel-Lymph-Node ectomy - SLNE), which have an excellent reputation worldwide because of their reliability and outstanding efficiency. Our newest system "Crystal Probe -automatic-" follows this tradition. It contains a large variety of different probes with variable parameters, such as our new bluetooth probe "Crystal Wireless Probe", which currently represents the quintessence of our gamma probe development.

Together with the nuclear medicine institutes at the universities of Dresden and Leipzig, in a Federal Ministry of Economics funded project, we are currently developing one of the first small, imaging systems for radioguided surgery: the hand-held gamma camera "CrystalCam".

Custom development of special systems is always the basis for new detectors, new applications and new solutions.

count on it.

Experience: Crystal Photonics has many years of expertise in developing highly sensitive detection instruments. In addition to nuclear radiation detectors that are used in various industries, since 1997 we develop and manufacture at our headquarters in Berlin medical gamma-probe systems for intraoperative localization of radiolabeled sentinel lymph nodes.

Made in Germany: Crystal Photonics products are designed and manufactured in Germany. Because only on-site at our headquarters in Berlin, our established teams, consisting of highly qualified physicists, engineers and computer scientists, can continuously monitor the quality of production and benefit from direct communication and fast decision-making.

Efficiency: As a highly specialized company we know what counts. We are listening to our customers demands and we are able to respond flexible, innovative and fast to changes. That is why our products are always perfectly adapted to the specific industrial requirements and surgical needs.

User-friendliness: It is very important to us that our customers can benefit in any situation and without limitation from all the smart features our products are equipped with. Therefore we always put the greatest emphasis on simple and intuitive usability of them.

Reliability: The durability of our products, even under the highest stress on them, is based on experience in production and stringent quality controls throughout the entire manufacturing process. The used sensors need not be calibrated and are maintenance free. Another basis of the reliability of Crystal Photonics products is the ongoing quality assurance and continuous improvement within our effective QMS: since 2009 we are DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 certified.

Versatility: Our motto: Customer needs are our driving force. With a variety of detectors for various applications and diverse types of probes of the gamma probe system "Crystal Probe -automatic-", our customers are always well prepared, even for fields yet to be explored and future applications.

Service: Excellent performance, user friendliness, quality and reliability are not all what you can expect from us. Additionally we back the trust of our customers with exceptional service, such as our 24-hour replacement service (only for Germany) and direct support service.