Jobs & Interns

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You want a challenging industrial internship for your engineer bachelor or master thesis. Or you want to use your gained knowledge parallel to your studies in a small innovative company. Then you are right with us.

For students of the fields medical technology, physics, electronics, micro system technology and engineers (construction, mechanics) we always have interesting tasks and projects.

For students of the following fields:

  • Medical Technology
  • Physics
  • Elektronics
  • Microsystems
  • Engineering

we always have interesting projects. We'd like to get your spontaneous application.

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At the moment we have no open positions.


We are an innovative company that develops, manufactures and sells high quality sensors and nuclear detection systems for industrial, medical, environmental and research use.

Even when we are not explicitly looking for new employees, we are always searching for motivated and qualified people that want to solve complex detector and detection system development problems. If you are a physicist, electronics technician, engineer or have a similar education, your spontaneous application is always welcome.

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At the moment we have no open positions.