CXM-Sz20-TK - Temperature Controlled Monitoring Detector

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1. Description

The detector CXM-SZ20-TK is especially designed for high energy and high dose rate applications, usually occurring in the production of radiopharmaceuticals. The small detector housing contains the detector head and the front-end electronics, including a temperature compensated transimpedance preamplifier.

It is well-adapted to the detector head and ensures optimal dynamic properties for the detection unit. A 20 mm² Si-photodiode, coupled with a very efficient CsI:Tl scintillation crystal is used as radiation sensor. The sensor is placed in the front and the sensitivity is not directional.

This new detector generation is very small and slim. It does not require a high-voltage power supply and is insensitive to mechanical shocks and electromagnetic fields. The DC-output voltage is linearly dependent on the dose rate. The detection range is between 100 keV and 1.5 MeV, optimized for EGamma > 200 keV.

The detector has a plug-in connector for signal output and power supply (+24 V). The sensitivity range can be adapted according to the customer's demands.

2. Specifications

Size: D = 11 mm; L = 76 mm; Detector head at the front
Housing: Al; plug-in connector, female
Radiation sensor: Si-photodiode, sensitive area 20 mm², scintillation crystal D 6 x 8 mm³, CsJ:Tl
Energy range: 100 keV up to 1.5 MeV; optimized for energies > 200 keV
Sensitivity: depending on amplification, between 1 V/MBq and 1 V/GBq
Linearity range: linear between 50 µSv/h and 1000 mSv/h
Operating voltage: + 24 V
Output signal: DC-voltage; 0 - 12 V
Time-constant: 0.2 ms
Offset-voltage: < 10 mV at 25 °C