Changeable collimators for the gamma probes HiSens und FlexProbe

1. Description

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Changeable collimator sleeves are available for "HiSens" and "FlexProbe" with various "Fields of view" (FOV). We provide collimators with 20°, 60°, 90° angle, others on customs request.

  • It contains the needed collimator for maximal side shielding and to obtain the optimal view angle of the probe.
  • It is unscrewable and can thus be sterilized separately, protecting the patient in case of failures of the sterile cover.
  • It protects sensitive inner parts of the probe.

The collimation can be easily changed by replacing the standard collimator sleeve by other differently designed and shaped collimator sleeves. Probes are usually delivered with an optimized standard collimator angle of 40° which is considered to be the best choice in breast cancer and dermatologic surgery.