Crystal Probe System

1. Description

with a FlexProbe

The medical gamma probe system Crystal Probe is especially designed for the Sentinel Lymph Node method (SLN). It is characterized by: high sensitivity, absolute robustness, ease of use, high reliability, versatility, no need for maintenance. It is designed for both battery and mains operation.

In principle, the gamma probe system consists of a gamma radiation sensitive probe, such as the recommended flexible probe FlexProbe and a control unit CXS-SG03, that allows the fast, easy and accurate indication of local activity enrichments in the surgical area.

Different gamma probes are available that cover the entire possible range of applications. The field of use of the probes will be extended by a large number of different collimator sleeves. The connection with a personal computer allows the storage and further processing of the data obtained in the operation. The USB interface and software for display and evaluation of these are available separately. Therefore, our Windows-compatible software "Visual Count" is available. Probe(s), control unit, manuals and accessories are delivered together in a portable hard-shell carrying case.

2. The control unit SG03

2.1 Abstract

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On the control unit the selection of the nuclide to be measured is done by a 6-way switch:

  • 125I
  • 201Tl, 58Co and 67Ga
  • 99mTc and 123I
  • 131I and 113mIn
  • PET-Nuclide
  • for tests with the nuclide 57Co

The device can be operated directly by the mains, or using the built-in rechargeable batteries. The charger is included. An LED and a signal warn when the battery voltage is low. Operating time: 13 hours at normal load, 10 hours at maximum load, charging time: 12 hours. The optionally available USB port is located on the backside of the box through which the data can be transferred to a PC. Environmental conditions: 15 ° C ... 30 ° C, 80% rel. Humidity.

The optional USB-interface is located at the rear of the device. You can use it to transfer the measured data to a PC and process it with our database software "Visual Count".

2.2 Output of the measured data

The count rate is displayed on a 5-digit LC-display. Two different variable acoustic signals give a quick information about the intensity of the gamma radiation. The volume of the audible signal is controllable, and it can have three intensity zones. The cycle time can be changed between 1s or 10s by a switch. An analog signal, that is suitable to represent the spectrum on a multi-channel analyzer, is send to a BNC connector (rear).

3. PC-use

3.1 Software „Visual Count“

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VisualCount 2.x

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VisualCount 2.x

for visual representation and recording of the process of measuring the activity with probes of the system "Crystal Probe"

The PC-supported analysis of the whole measurement process is possible with the Windows-compatible software "Visual Count".

  • visualisation of the measured activity during the recording as line and bar chart
  • Recording and subsequent processing of the data
  • Export of recorded charts in graphics files, MS Word, MS Excel and text files
  • Annotation of measured values while measuring. Overview of all comments after the measurement
  • Add results and comments to every examination
  • Print all examinations with all of its data
  • Create independent password protected accounts for every doctor
  • Create as many patients per doctor (account) as you like. Patient data and examinations are protected from unauthorized access.
  • Record as many examinations as you like
  • High data integrity by fully automated database management (automatic storing, organizing, encrypting)
  • High reliability through hot-plug-ability: at every time the control unit can get connected or disconnected from the PC - even while measuring
  • The connection is done by an USB-port. The retrofitting of the USB-port is easily possible

3.2 Output of the measurement

If the optional PC-supported data processing over the USB-port is used, the following additional features are provided:

The measured values will be shown on the screen of the PC:

  • digitally in counts per second (cps)
  • visually by a cps-related bar
  • by a histogram that shows the progression of the measurings

Through keyboard or mouse the following parameter can be modified or added:

  • Patient- and examination data
  • Scaling factor
  • Gate time
  • Marking of values that can be commented afterwards

3.3 Recording of the measured values

The data collected during the measuring process and the entered patient information / comments are saved along with the current date and time of the system as a file.

A subsequent viewing and editing is possible with all standard office application programs.

4. Technical data

4.1 Classification of the system

Class IIa according to Directive 93/42/EEC and §13 Medical Devices Act of 09/08/1994.

Certification EC Verification Certificate according to Annex IV, Directive 93/42/EEC

3.2 Power supply of the control unit CXS-SG03 / USB

Maintenance-free lead storage batteries: 2x6V/3,4 Ah
Operation time with maximum charge: 10 hours at maximum load
13 hours at normal load
Charging with the delivered battery charger: 110....230V/500mA
Charging period for maximum charge: 12 hours
Operation voltages: ± 5 V / 450-500 mA
Classification of the control unit CXS-SG03: IP20
Protection degree of the application part against electric shock: Typ B
Fuses: 2x500mAT on the power supply board

3.3 Energy discrimination

Discriminator threshold Nuclides Switch position
20 keV 125I 125I
60 keV 201Tl, 58Co, 67Ga 201Tl
120 keV 99mTc, 123I, 111In 99mTc
310 keV 131I, 113mIn 131I
430 keV PET-nuclides PET
100 keV for tests with 57Co VI

3.4 Visual and acoustic signals

6-digit LCD Count rate in counts per second (cps)
Sound 2 different acoustic signals, variable according to the radiation intensity, volume adjustable, one signal ca be set to different measuring ranges

3.5 Signal output

analog: Analog voltage signal; output voltage max. 3,5V, output impedance = 5kOhm; measurement of the spectrum with a multichannel analyzer (MCA)
digital (optional) USB-connector; galvanic separated; Positive TTL pulses, output voltage depending on the input voltage of the opto coupler, pulse width tp >3µs

3.6 Weight

Control unit CXS-SG03: 9 lb ( 4,0 kg)
Probes see individual desriptions; < 0,4 kg

3.7 Size

Control unit CXS-SG03 (B x H x T): 185 x 155 x 270 mm
Probes see individual desriptions